Why would you need a personal trainer?

A personal trainer will ensure clients are performing exercises correctly and efficiently. They are there to correct your form and technique, to be able to promote your training and to prevent an injury (if your form is not correct, you are at an increased risk of injury).  In order to maximise your results you need to be training the correct way and if you’re not sure if you are, maybe a personal trainer would be beneficial to you.

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Peter & Jackie

Palms Member of the Month – September

As you know we’ve been watching and hearing all about your hard work again last month and as a result members of the month for September are Peter and Jackie Baylis! YES YOU HAVE READ IT RIGHT… We have TWO! We have noticed a hard working couple in the gym and we wanted to reward them with the member of the month award.

Well Done Peter and Jackie!

Let’s find out more about them– Our Members of the Month…

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Exercise of the Month: Plank

This month’s exercise of the month is the good old-fashioned plank and its variations to make it less or even more challenging.

Yes the plank can get even harder than the standard straight line position! Holding the plank takes strength and endurance in your abdominals and back so the core needs to be strong to be able to progress on to another more challenging variation. A plank is great because as well as working your core muscles, your gluteus maximus and hamstrings are working to keep this position and it can help to improve your posture in the long run.

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Machine of the Month!

Instead of just giving you one exercise for this month, we have chosen one machine instead, and it’s a machine that can provide a full-body workout.

The Multi-Pulley

It definitely looks mean and scary, but this machine is very versatile and, after you warm up, you can use this machine to target most muscle groups. And the best news is that we have THREE multi-pulley machines here at Palms! Not only that, we’ve also put together a workout plan you can follow so you make the most of the equipment. You can thank us later!

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Exercise Tips & Tricks

Be Consistent. People say it takes 21 days to make something become a habit, so keeping your gym routine going for 21 days could most definitely improve your lifestyle in the long run and you’ll become a more healthier you. Here at Palms we provide a personal programme included in your membership and this can be renewed every 6 weeks.

Remember: A workout is meant to be challenging, no one ever said exercise was going to be easy! 

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Palms Member of the Month – July

It’s our favourite time of the month, where we get to pick a shining star. A beacon of motivation for all our members, someone who inspires us to reach our goals. As always, picking just one Member of the Month is difficult when there are so many members working extremely hard every time they step through our doors, but after much debate we’ve managed to choose our Member of the Month for July… This lady pushed herself to the limit every time she entered Palms and recently has exceeded in beating her dead lift PB! So…

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