18-06-08 Palms Ian

Celebrating 30 years of Palms Health and Fitness Club

Whether you want to work out and keep on top of your fitness regime, try something fun and energetic, or just chill out and relax, it’s always up to you here at Palms. Palms Health and Fitness Club includes a range of state-of-the art gym machines, plus swimming pools and the ultimate place to unwind… a 10-seater luxury Whirlpool!

To celebrate 30 years of Palms, we caught up with Palms Health and Fitness Club manager, Ian Hawes, to find out more about Palms and how you can get involved with the 30 Year celebrations.

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Exercise Classes

A beginner’s guide to group exercise…

You don’t have to feel nervous, apprehensive, or worried!

You’ve finally plucked up the courage to take part in a group exercise class, you’re starting to feel a little apprehensive and nervous. But don’t worry, it’s completely natural to feel all these emotions on your first visit to a group fitness class. Anything that’s new or foreign can feel strange, especially when it comes to health and fitness because it’s meant to feel like a challenge.

The only challenge you should have during a class is ‘you vs you’ and this is the most satisfying feeling, when you prove the inner voices wrong, telling you to quit, and you keep going!

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Recipe of the Month: Hannah’s Sunshine Ice Lollies

What’s better than a fruity ice lolly to cool you down on a hot summer’s day? There’s something about that sweet citrus taste that just brings out the inner child in us all. As delicious as they are, they can sometimes be full of sugars and additives – and it’s totally unnecessary! I have a great alternative for you to try, a homemade version with lots of good, nutritious ingredients. It’s super simple to do, making it a great activity to keep the kids entertained in the holidays. They can be stored in the freezer for up to 2 months, so this healthy and refreshing treat will be a hit all summer long…

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Bank Holiday Brunching

May is a wonderful month. Spring is in full bloom, and we’re finally starting to be rewarded with some sunshine. In addition, we are treated to TWO bank holiday Mondays! What could be better?

Whether you are spending your extra day off on the sofa, or busy entertaining family and friends, this delicious two-course brunch feast is the perfect recipe.

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Meet the Team – Ian Hawes!

We are so pleased to welcome to the Palms Team our new Club Manager, Ian Hawes. Ian joins us with a gym background, plus a wealth of management experience from a wide range of sectors, and has already been a part of the Potters team for nearly 6 years. We caught up with Ian during his first few weeks with us, to find out more about him, and ask him about his plans for Palms…

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