Exercise of the Month: Plank

This month’s exercise of the month is the good old-fashioned plank and its variations to make it less or even more challenging.

Yes the plank can get even harder than the standard straight line position! Holding the plank takes strength and endurance in your abdominals and back so the core needs to be strong to be able to progress on to another more challenging variation. A plank is great because as well as working your core muscles, your gluteus maximus and hamstrings are working to keep this position and it can help to improve your posture in the long run.

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Bank Holiday Brunching

May is a wonderful month. Spring is in full bloom, and we’re finally starting to be rewarded with some sunshine. In addition, we are treated to TWO bank holiday Mondays! What could be better?

Whether you are spending your extra day off on the sofa, or busy entertaining family and friends, this delicious two-course brunch feast is the perfect recipe.

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Gecko Press Up

Exercise of the Month: Gecko Press Up

This month’s exercise of the month is a favourite of mine, and one that I use often in my weekly Boot-camp class. It’s a challenging exercise, and a great variation of a traditional press up.

As well as exercising the usual muscles in a press up, such as your chest, back and the back of your arms, this will additionally the muscles in and around your stomach.

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We’re giving our Learner Pool some TLC!

Meet the man behind the plan…

Daniel May has been a part of the team for almost 10 years now. As well as Duty Manager for the Club he is also responsible for the technical management of the swimming pool facilities, and will be playing a key role in the work to refresh the learner pool.


DanMay- blog


We caught up with Dan to find out more about the day to day challenges he faces when running the pools, as well as the planning that takes place for such complex projects like the learner pool refurbishment…

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