5 Great Stress Busters!

There is nothing better than having a little time to relax! Not only is it fun to kick back, but it’s also vital to our physical and mental health, helping to minimise stress levels.

Stress can be used to describe a feeling we get when we are put under abnormal pressures. It can affect us all at any given time and for a number of reasons, whether it’s work, family or money. With April being national Stress Awareness Month we thought it was important to talk about stress and look at some ways we can try to prevent it.
Did you know that in 2016 there were 488,000 cases of work related stress reported in the UK, accounting for 37% of all work related illnesses? With stress being so common in this fast paced world we live in, it is important we know our triggers and how we deal with them.
At some point we have all allowed stress to get the better of us because we don’t always know how to reduce it. How about kick starting your April adopting one of our own stress relievers?
Here’s 5 great tips for you to try…

  • Studies have shown that regular exercise can really help to combat stress. This doesn’t mean coming to the gym and lifting the heaviest possible weight if that’s not what you like doing, it could be a relaxing swim or a fun exercise class. Exercise gets your blood flowing, in turn releasing endorphins which can switch your mood almost instantly.


  • Why not try Yoga? The combination of movements and breathing works wonders when trying to relieve stress! We hold a Vinyasa Yoga class here at Palms every Wednesday…
  • Take some “Me” time. Whether it be alone or socialising with your loved ones, treat yourself. Book a relaxing massage, or unwind with a Jacuzzi, sauna and steam session. You could even pick up your favourite book and come unwind by the pool.


  • Take a look at your diet. Processed foods can make us feel good, giving us a rush of energy temporarily; but is less likely to benefit us long term, in fact worsening our mood. Tip: Try swapping your caffeinated drinks for an herbal drink such as Chamomile Tea.


  • Prioritise! Get yourself organised and set some goals. Prioritise what you feel is important, which needs to be done immediately, and accept that somethings may need to wait. You can’t do everything at once!

Although stress can be a negative thing if you allow it to control your life, in small doses it can actually be fundamental and good. Eustress, otherwise known as “good stress”, can push us in the right direction to achieve our goals and be successful. Eustress will normally appear in short bouts, usually present in feelings such as excitement. For example, a sky dive. You’ll feel excitement in the plane ride up, but there’s certainly some stress hidden in there too!
The key to reducing our overall stress levels is understanding when we are feeling an unhealthy amount of it, and having a bank of ideas we can use to control it.
All that time you used to spend feeling stressed, you can spend relaxing instead….