A beginner’s guide to Group Exercise…

“I’m feeling nervous, apprehensive, and worried!”

You’ve finally plucked up the courage to take part in a Group Exercise class and you’re starting to feel a little apprehensive and nervous. But don’t worry, it’s completely natural to feel all these emotions on your first visit.

Anything that’s new or foreign can feel strange, especially when it comes to health and fitness because it’s meant to feel like a challenge.
The only challenge you should have during a class is ‘You Vs. You’ and this is the most satisfying feeling, when you prove the inner voices wrong. Your inner voice is telling you to quit but you keep going!

“Why should I participate in a GroupXercise class?”

Not only are you getting the health benefits from the classes but you also meet a great bunch of people who love a good catch up! There is a wide range of classes on our timetable which are taught by our friendly instructors.
The atmosphere created by our hard working members will keep you motivated and engaged to push yourself to the limit, to achieve the most out of the class.

“What classes are most suitable for me?”

We have a class for everyone, to suit everyone’s goals and needs, from dancing the hour away with Zumba or Strut, to a more structured class where reps and sets become the focus point!

What are reps and sets?

  • Rep (repetition) is one complete motion of an exercise.
  • Set is a group of consecutive repetitions.
  • For example, you can say “I did two sets of ten reps on the shoulder press”

Here are a few class benefits for our most popular classes:

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, which is an exercise strategy that incorporates short periods of intense aerobic exercise with rest periods. HIIT training is incorporated in two of our most popular classes – Fusion and Strong. We also have Pop-Up HIIT classes that are exclusively for our Members and are put on Gym Sync weekly.

Current knowledge on HIIT training has demonstrated that it:

  1. Boosts athletic performance
  2. Improves our health

But, did you know this?

  • Not only do you burn a lot of calories, but during HIIT training your body’s recovery mechanism goes into overload. The benefits of this means that you’ll burn more calories in the 24 hours AFTER your training.
  • Maximum oxygen uptake (VO2 max) responses to HIIT training suggests that there is a chance of 15% improvements in your VO2 max when participating in HIIT training. The benefits of this to your body can consume and utilise a greater amount of oxygen, allowing you to exercise for longer.
  • The increase of Mitochondria during HIIT training can better your performance by having more available energy sources. This means your muscles can perform a greater work rate for a longer duration.

“I’ll just hide at the back”

You might think this is a good idea and a way to calm your nerves, but if you place yourself in the midst of it all you will be in the best location to see the instructor and it’ll be easier for the instructor to help you with your form. Plus, having someone that is experienced either side of you is great until you get used to the class so you can look over to know what you should be doings.

“The cliques congregate at the front of the class”

Don’t let this prevent you from joining up! It’s helpful to remember that they too were a newbie once upon a time and in the same shoes as you are. Chat to your neighbours, we promise they are all friendly and they’ll be able to take you under their wing!

“Do I have the right gear and equipment?”

Although there are times when you may want special clothing/equipment, if you need it we will always provide it for you to borrow. Just make sure you wear comfy clothes that you can move in and don’t forget a bottle of water, you’ll need it!

“I’ll never be able to use a weight that heavy”

It’s not a competition. Just because the guy next to you has grabbed a 20kg kettlebell, doesn’t mean you have to. Everyone is different and everyone’s bodies respond differently to exercise. Stick to what you’re comfortable with and don’t give into peer pressure. If you’re unsure ask your instructor, they will be able to advise you.

“I’m already sweating and it’s just the warm up”

Don’t let the first 10-15 minutes of a class make you fear the rest of it. If you’ve never tried that type of workout before then you will be working different muscles and your body will need to adjust to that over time. As an instructor, we really do have your best interests at heart so stick at it, you will be surprised!

News Flash: No one is looking at you!

Just do your best! What matters is that you’re moving, not that you’re in perfect sync with the rest of the class.

Don’t be afraid to try something new, pick the class you like the sound of most and give it a go – the benefits will definitely be worth it!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to come and see one of our Fitness Instructors here in Palms, we’re happy to help! The first class can be overwhelming and we understand that, so re-group with your instructor at the end of the class (if they don’t beat you to it). We are here for you and want you to come back and have a great time!

I hope to see you soon!