ANSWERED: Your most burning questions about Fitness!

What should I eat before I work out? How many time a week should I work out? Should I do weights or cardio? These are just some of the questions that our Fitness Instructors get asked daily and they have all of the answers!

Most people are too embarrassed or not confident enough to ask their Fitness Instructor, but they are only too happy to help… Next time you are in Palms, ask Jordan, Tessa or Erik anything about fitness, they love it and that’s what they are there for!

We caught up with them this week and they answered some of the most frequently asked questions that we thought you might want to know the answers to…

What should I eat before a workout?
I would usually recommend eating something light before a workout. For example, one hour before your workout eat a light, balanced, healthy meal. This can include proteins such as meat and fish, healthy fats like nuts (almonds, peanut butter or cashew nuts) and carbohydrates from oats and porridge to rice or potatoes. – Erik

What should I eat after a workout?
The first thing I would recommend you eat after a workout is sugar such as fruit. For example a man could consume 2 bananas and a woman, 1 banana. After half an hour of your workout I would advise having some sort of protein or a quick and easy protein shake. Between when you finish your workout and one hour after, you should eat a healthy balanced meal which includes healthy fats. The post-workout meal is the most important meal of the day because after your workout, you need to give your body everything it needs to restore energy and build and repair muscles for future workouts. – Erik

How frequently should I see a Fitness Instructor?
We suggest getting a new programme every 6 weeks. However this is always dependant on how you feel your programme is going… you can get a new programme whenever you want! If the programme you have isn’t working for you, feel free to book a new one with one of our instructors or if you have any questions about your programme, just come and see us! – Jordan

How come the scale shows me as being heavier, yet my body fat is less?
When checking your weight you must take into account muscle mass, as muscle is heavier and denser than fat. A good indication is measuring your body parts to check inches lost. If your inches are going down but your weight is going up you are losing body fat.
You can always book yourself a Health Package with us where we can measure your body fat, muscle mass, water retention, VO2 Max, BMI and Blood Pressure. Just see Palms Reception or one of the Fitness Instructors. – Jordan       

Can I work out every day?
This all depends on how your body reacts to exercise and what type of exercise you are doing. It is really important to listen to your body and accept that rest days will be needed. I would always suggest to stick to an absolute maximum of 6 days a week however most people should be between 3-5 days a week. If you are not sure what’s best for you, just speak to one of us for some advice. – Tessa

Will I get “big” if I lift weights?
It really does depend on your definition of ‘big’. If you are training a hypotrophy programme and weight training 6 days a week as well as consuming the correct amount of protein and over 3,500 calories a day then you may get ‘big’.
However, most weight training will not get you ‘big’. It will increase muscle mass but not too dramatically on a normal diet. Weight training is a very important part of training and unfortunately lots of women don’t do weight training, but it is a must in any sort of gym routine. When I go to the gym I mostly do weights as this is what I enjoy and you still burn lots of calories. Come and book in a programme with me or have a chat for further advice. – Tessa

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