Benefits of Group Exercise Classes

With the launch of our NEW Groove FX class coming soon what better time to give you some information on the benefits of our Group Exercise classes that you may not realise?

Here are a few class benefits from a few of our most popular classes:
For you who don’t know HIIT is high intensity interval training, which is an exercise strategy that incorporates short periods of intense aerobic exercise with less intense rest periods. Current knowledge on HIIT training has demonstrated that it:

  • Boosts athletic performance
  • Improves our health

But did you know?

  • Not only do you burn a lot of calories, but during HIIT training your body’ recovery mechanism goes into overload. The benefits of this means that you’ll burn more calories in the 24 hours after HIIT training.
  • VO2 Max responses to HIIT training suggest that there is a chance of 15% improvements in your VO2 Max when participating in HIIT training. The benefits of this is your body can consume and utilise a greater amount of oxygen, allowing longer exercises durations.
  • The increase of Mitochondria during HIIT training can better your performance by having more available energy sources. What does this mean? You muscles can perform at a greater work rate, for a longer duration.

Getting your groove on in Stuarts very own Strut Class might be lively, sassy and fun! But what physical adaptations can this class give you?

  • If you are anything like me and have two left feet, then what a perfect way to work on your rhythm. Why is rhythm important? Without it your co-ordination can be limited!
  • We use co-ordination daily, it is how well you can work your hands and eyes together. Without co-ordination you wouldn’t be able to strut your stuff in Stuart’s class moving your legs and arms at the same time!

If you’re not the dancing type Yoga and Pilates are the perfect way to relax and unwind! Pilates is strengthening class for the whole body, but emphasises core strength in order to improve fitness and well-being. Vinyasa Yoga on the other hand is a combination of different yoga styles. Not only are they the most chilled classes but they can give you many benefits.

  • Both classes will improve your flexibility. This is important for you and the range of motion of your joints, I mean how else are you going to strut your stuff?
  • Balance is another benefit of Yoga and Pilates. In order for you to move freely requires complete control of the bodies postural alignment. What does this mean? Balance is very important for daily routines! Without good balance a simple task of picking up the groceries could lead to you being flat on the floor!


So my message really is, do something different and try one of our Group Exercise Classes, work and challenge a component of fitness that you may not think to do in the gym and watch and magic happen…
See you soon!
Abbie x