Benefits of Spa Facilities

There is nothing better than relaxing in a Whirlpool or having a slow swim after a long day/week at work. These things are certainly relaxing, but there are also many other great benefits that you may not know about…

Swimming Pools – Swimming is a low impact exercise with minimal stress on the joints. It provides a quality cardiovascular workout you can do with your friends/family. This means you can still achieve your fitness goals without sacrificing social time.

Whirlpool – The whirlpool provides great immediate stress relief. The jets embedded in the sides of the whirlpool help to relax the body and mind. The high pressure massage that a whirlpool provides can also aid in sore muscle and joint relief. This can also help you to sleep better if used before bed.

Sauna – Using a sauna can help to flush out toxins! As many of us do not sweat on a daily basis, using a sauna can cause deep sweating which has many proven health benefits. Some of these include reducing levels of lead, zinc and other chemicals in the body which are all toxins that can be absorbed from interacting with our daily environments. It is beneficial to detox our bodies often.

Steam Room – Steam rooms are perfect for clearing congestion and helping to treat colds as steam encourages deep breathing. They can also improve our cardiovascular health which can lead to a lowered blood pressure and healthier heart.

Cold Shower and Cold Bucket Shower – The cold bucket shower is best to use straight after a sauna – because the body is overheated, it gets the greatest benefit from thermal shock. Using the cold bucket shower can increase your metabolism as the body tries to warm up. To do this it works harder and burns glucose which encourages weight loss. It also helps to keep your skin pure and glowing. If you use a sauna before the cold bucket shower, this will detox the skin deep down due to the heat, eliminating impurities. The low temperature of the cold bucket shower then tightens the pores and ‘seals in’ the clean skin.

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