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Body Conditioning with Tessa

On Thursdays starting from 31st October, your evening classes will be running a little bit differently starting with BODY CONDITIONING at 6.15pm. Body Conditioning is a full body workout which changes from week to week. We will be working with weights, from Barbells to Kettlebells and Dumbbells and the class structure will also vary. For

Slow down, breathe… It’s time to think about you!

Everyday we come across energy that can greatly influence our mood and well-being. Sometimes we just aren’t in the mood for that upbeat class and would prefer a relaxed, steady pace. At Palms we offer Pilates, Yoga and Supple Strength weekly on our timetable at Palms and our members can’t get enough of them!

‘Cardio vs. Weights’ – What do our Fitness Instructors think?

Many people who use the gym get stuck with the same tricky question… ‘Cardio or Weights?’. They are two of the most popular workout types, but it is hard to know which one is a better use of your time.