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‘Cardio vs. Weights’ – What do our Fitness Instructors think?

Many people who use the gym get stuck with the same tricky question… ‘Cardio or Weights?’. They are two of the most popular workout types, but it is hard to know which one is a better use of your time. We had 59 people take part in a poll on Facebook to find out which

A beginner’s guide to Group Exercise…

“I’m feeling nervous, apprehensive, and worried!” You’ve finally plucked up the courage to take part in a Group Exercise class and you’re starting to feel a little apprehensive and nervous. But don’t worry, it’s completely natural to feel all these emotions on your first visit. Anything that’s new or foreign can feel strange, especially when

Keep the kids active all year round!

The summer holidays are over now and that means that there is less time in the day to keep your children active, other than their usual PE and playground time at school. We’ve come up with some ideas to help your family make exercising part of a fun, motivating and healthy routine.