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Member of the Month – October

Once again it has been extremely difficult to choose our Member of the Month for October with everyone working so hard in all areas of the club. We are so proud of each and every one of you but we do have to choose a winner…

Why would you need a personal trainer?

Why would you need a personal trainer? A personal trainer ensures clients are performing exercises correctly and efficiently. They are there to correct your form and technique, to be able to promote your training and to prevent an injury (if your form is not correct, you are at an increased risk of injury).  In order

Palms Member of the Month – September

As you know we’ve been watching and hearing all about your hard work again last month and as a result members of the month for September are Peter and Jackie Baylis! YES YOU HAVE READ IT RIGHT… We have TWO! We have noticed a hard working couple in the gym and we wanted to reward