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Machine of the Month!

Instead of just giving you one exercise for this month, we have chosen one machine instead, and it’s a machine that can provide a full-body workout. The Multi-Pulley It definitely looks mean and scary, but this machine is very versatile and, after you warm up, you can use this machine to target most muscle groups.

National Fitness Day!

On Wednesday 26th September 2018 it’s National Fitness Day and we have plenty in store to keep you busy and motivated throughout the week leading up to National Fitness Day. Keep your eyes peeled and join in where you can!

Exercise Tips & Tricks

Be Consistent. People say it takes 21 days to make something become a habit, so keeping your gym routine going for 21 days could most definitely improve your lifestyle in the long run and you’ll become a more healthier you. Here at Palms we provide a personal programme included in your membership and this can