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A tasty alternative for a healthier takeaway!

Takeaways are a must if you are watching the latest sports matches or enjoying a cosy night in on the sofa watching a movie. A poll of Brits discovered that 13% of those interviewed voted pizza as their preferred takeaway, making it the third most popular food to order in in the UK. But instead

Palms Member of the Month

Choosing a Member of the Month has proven to be difficult for June with everyone working extremely hard in all areas of the club. We are proud of all of you but we have picked one member as our Member of the Month! Drum roll please… Our Member of the month for June is Zelda


My 30 days fitness challenge is to take part in different types of exercise. Have you ever thought that your body can get used to the exercise that you do on a regular basis? It does and the #palms30 day challenge has sparked the motivation for me to take my body through different types of