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Meet the Team – Stuart Freel!

Stuart Freel has been part of the team for over three years, and spent the last year working as Operations Manager for the Club. Although you’ll often see Stuart teaching classes, or greeting customers at the Palms reception, he also does a huge amount of ‘behind the scenes’ jobs that keep your club running smoothly.

Exercise of the Month: Gecko Press Up

This month’s exercise of the month is a favourite of mine, and one that I use often in my weekly Boot-camp class. It’s a challenging exercise, and a great variation of a traditional press up. As well as exercising the usual muscles in a press up, such as your chest, back and the back of

Sit up, and throw!

This is a great exercise to do with your partner that you can incorporate into your core workout routine. All you’ll need is a medicine ball, a comfortable area such as a mat, and a willing gym buddy!