New Year’s Resolutions!

How many New Year resolutions have you ever actually held for the entire year? How many do you still stick to now? And starting in January of all months?! It’s the coldest, gloomiest month of all and we are all trying to get back to normality after indulging over the festive period. Surely this is a month where we should be kinder to ourselves and our bodies so that we can slowly get back into a routine.

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Diet Safely in 2019

No doubt many of you have spent the holidays snacking on indulgent festive treats and drinking plenty of alcoholic or fizzy drinks with very limited exercise. And too right! We had a wonderful 2018, we worked hard and we deserved the break. However, we are all in the same boat and getting back into our healthy mind-sets to kick-start 2019…

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Health Packages at Palms

At Palms we provide professional fitness and health checks which are designed to give you a range of important information, all carried out by fully trained instructors.

Fitness testing is an important tool to keep you informed on your progress with your fitness goals. Ideally before starting or changing a gym programme, a fitness test should be performed. This will give you a base measurement so you can gauge your progress and will enable you and your instructor to make appropriate changes to get the best out of your time in the gym and pool.

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12 days of Christmas at Palms!

Everyone knows the traditional 12 days of Christmas… So here is your 12 days of Christmas at Palms to follow everyday starting from Christmas Day!

On the 1st day, you will complete the first exercise. On the 2nd day you will complete the 1st and 2nd exercise, up until the 12th day where you will complete a full circuit of 12 exercises! Sound good? Here we go then!

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Christmas Fitness!

Health and fitness sure isn’t at the top of everyone’s Christmas list. The festive period can be extremely busy and a time where many people are indulging so we often hear:

“I always overdo the eating and drinking around the festive period”

“I have so many indulgent Christmas parties and events”

“I am far too busy with the preparations for Christmas”

“New year, new me – I will start up my routine again in January”

This doesn’t have to be the case. You can still enjoy all of the luxuries over Christmas without feeling too guilty and side tracking completely from your routine and here are a few things that might help you…

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