Burst out of your comfort zone this Spring!

We all have our daily routines that we swear by, whether it be work day habits, morning routines and even exercise regimes. How often do you take the plunge, and shake things up by trying something new?

We humans love our comfort zones! Situations where we can feel safe and at ease help us to feel settled. Although this way of working, whether it’s in your career, home life or in the gym, is great because it takes little effort on our part, it is sure to result in barely acceptable results.
There are a number of physiological factors that stop us leaving our comfort zones – fear of failure, stress, anxiety and judgement. Essentially, we fear the worst.
By all means carry on attending the same exercise class that you’re great at, or swim the same 30 lengths of the pool you always do… but what if you actually pushed through the barriers of your comfort zone once in a while? What are the benefits?

  • Better Results: Over time your workout will become easier, to then become ineffective. You need to put your muscles under reasonable stress, in return this will improve your body’s ability to cope during the recovery phase. Changing up your workout programme regularly will help you to carry on seeing results.
  • More Motivation: Doing the exercise plan week after week can quickly become boring and repetitive. If you’re beginning to feel fed up then take it as a signal to change up the programme that you are currently following, or participate in a new class.
  • Injury Prevention: Changing up your routine will aid injury prevention. The more you work a muscle repetitively, the higher chance you have sustaining an overuse injury. Always remember to include strength, mobility and flexibility into your routine.

So, trying something new can help you to stay healthy, motivated AND help you achieve the results you’re looking for. But where should you start?

  • Start small Be realistic about the changes you want to make
  • Look for a challenge set yourself a goal and make it specific and measurable – how will you know when you’ve achieved it?
  • Consider your options there may be things here in Palms you’ve not even considered including in your exercise regime. Want to increase your cardio but detest the gym? Get out on the Squash court! Challenging yourself to meet new people? One of our exercise classes is a great place to start.
  • Focus on the “why” Why do you even want to achieve more? Doing it because “you guess you should” won’t be enough to drag yourself out of the house on these dark nights. Are you doing it to feel better in your bikini? To have more energy to keep up with your grandkids? Know your reason and remind yourself of it, it’ll be all the motivation you’ll need.
  • Reinterpret your fears Associate your feelings of fear with excitement and positivity. Remember that feeling you had on the first day of school? Re-live it!
  • Don’t do it alone it’s always easier to feel more comfortable if you have some support from somebody you know and trust. Go to a new class together, try out a game of Badminton, or test out some new exercises in the gym together.
  • Call in the Professionals It’s what we’re here for! At Palms you have so many professionals on hand to help you. From our Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers, Squash Coach to our Exercise class instructors and swimming teachers… whatever you’re into, we have somebody who can help you get the most from it. Don’t be afraid to ask – challenge us to give you the best training.
  • Treat Yourself Reward yourself for your hard work! Whether you’ve challenged yourself to check out a new class, swim a different stroke or try your hand at racquet sports, have a reward lined up for if you achieve it. It could be a delicious meal when you get home, booking a treatment in the Aphrodite beauty room, or simply relaxing in our spa pool and sauna for a little while. It’ll be sure to offer you some additional motivation!

So, you have all the tools you need to push yourself out your comfort zone, now do it! And remember ‘breaking your own mould can only make you stronger and more confident to reach higher levels in your professional and personal life.’ – Dr Elizabeth Lombardo.
Until next time,
Abbie x