Christmas Fitness!

Health and fitness sure isn’t at the top of everyone’s Christmas list. The festive period can be extremely busy and a time where many people are indulging so we often hear:

“I always overdo the eating and drinking around the festive period”

“I have so many indulgent Christmas parties and events”

“I am far too busy with the preparations for Christmas”

“New year, new me – I will start up my routine again in January”

This doesn’t have to be the case. You can still enjoy all of the luxuries over Christmas without feeling too guilty and side tracking completely from your routine and here are a few things that might help you…

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Top tips for staying motivated during winter

It’s funny isn’t it? During the summer, everyone has the drive and dedication to stay focussed on their fitness regime, however in winter the excuses creep in… Too often you’ll hear things like “it’s too hard to get out of bed on those cold, dark mornings”, so we’ve created 10 top tips to help you stay motivated through the next three or four icy cold winter months!

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Is breakfast the most important meal of the day?

Now the clocks have gone back, the nights are drawing in. We lay there in the mornings for an extra half an hour not wanting to move from the warmth and comfort of our beds, and then we then rush out of the door without a decent breakfast. A lot of people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and they’re right… there really are so many reasons why we should make breakfast a priority.

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Why would you need a personal trainer?

Why would you need a personal trainer?

A personal trainer ensures clients are performing exercises correctly and efficiently. They are there to correct your form and technique, to be able to promote your training and to prevent an injury (if your form is not correct, you are at an increased risk of injury).  In order to maximise your results you need to be training the correct way and if you’re not sure if you are, maybe a personal trainer would be beneficial to you.

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Palms Member of the Month – September

As you know we’ve been watching and hearing all about your hard work again last month and as a result members of the month for September are Peter and Jackie Baylis! YES YOU HAVE READ IT RIGHT… We have TWO! We have noticed a hard working couple in the gym and we wanted to reward them with the member of the month award.

Well Done Peter and Jackie!

Let’s find out more about them– Our Members of the Month…

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Machine of the Month!

Instead of just giving you one exercise for this month, we have chosen one machine instead, and it’s a machine that can provide a full-body workout.

The Multi-Pulley

It definitely looks mean and scary, but this machine is very versatile and, after you warm up, you can use this machine to target most muscle groups. And the best news is that we have THREE multi-pulley machines here at Palms! Not only that, we’ve also put together a workout plan you can follow so you make the most of the equipment. You can thank us later!

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