Exercise of the month – PUSH

Our Fitness Instructors have chosen 3 different exercise programmes for you to follow this month which are PUSH exercises. Keep an eye out on our challenge board as they will also be put up there for you to take around the Gym with you. For next month, they have put together some PULL workouts… If you need any help at all there is always a Fitness Instructor on shift to help you. Just ask them directly or at Palms Reception!

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Easter Eggxercise!

Easter Eggxercise

Okay so we know that around the Easter break it’s hard to eat clean especially as the supermarkets have lots to choose from when it comes to those chocolate eggs, but we thought we would help you out with a workout that can be done before eating those rewarding treats.

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Banana Oatmeal Pancakes

These banana oatmeal pancakes have been a massive hit in my home, even on a school morning! Why not try them in your own home on Shrove Tuesday (5th March)? They are sugar-free, oil-free, gluten-free and dairy-free (as long as you make sure you use the versions of the ingredients written in brackets). Plus they can be pre-made, refrigerated in a zip-locked bag and then warmed up when you want them.

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