Christmas Fitness!

Health and fitness sure isn’t at the top of everyone’s Christmas list. The festive period can be extremely busy and a time where many people are indulging so we often hear:

“I always overdo the eating and drinking around the festive period”

“I have so many indulgent Christmas parties and events”

“I am far too busy with the preparations for Christmas”

“New year, new me – I will start up my routine again in January”

This doesn’t have to be the case. You can still enjoy all of the luxuries over Christmas without feeling too guilty and side tracking completely from your routine and here are a few things that might help you…

Be smart with food!
Try to eat before leaving the house for visits, trips or family dinners. This way, you won’t be tempted to overindulge as you would already have eaten.
Eat little and often but don’t skip meals! It can be tempting as many people believe it will make up for any treats consumed previously but as we know from our recent ‘Importance of Breakfast Blog’ it doesn’t work like that, plus it may force you to eat more later! Eating little and often will keep your metabolism at a steady rate.
Be selective with your treats over Christmas.
Choose something that you can only enjoy over the festive period and not something that is readily available all year round. This way it will feel much more like a treat.
Drink in moderation but be sure to drink plenty of water!
Alcohol, fizzy drinks and juices add more calories to what you’ve already eaten over Christmas.
Enjoy a drink if you’d like to, after all it is a time to celebrate – but only in moderation. Drinking plenty of water can reduce hunger preventing you from overeating or snacking. Plus it keeps you hydrated.
Stay active.
You should still perform as much of your fitness routine as you can, even if it is by walking more or using the stairs.
Make sure you don’t skip your strength training so that you can maintain the muscle mass that you worked so hard to get and remember, you can burn just as many calories by lifting weights as you can by doing cardio.
Prioritize your workouts and do them before people wake up to avoid those “You don’t need to do that, it’s Christmas” remarks. Aim for realistic objectives. If you achieve even just 30 minutes of a work out you’ll feel happier and more motivated than if you plan a workout for two hours and don’t achieve it.
Most importantly, ENJOY YOURSELF!
You have worked hard this year and trying to ban yourself from eating treats will just make you want them more.