My 30 days fitness challenge is to take part in different types of exercise. Have you ever thought that your body can get used to the exercise that you do on a regular basis? It does and the #palms30 day challenge has sparked the motivation for me to take my body through different types of training.

It has been proven that your body gets used to the exercise routine that you take part in; it becomes the norm and no longer challenges you to improve your fitness. A class instructor will plan each session so that different exercises are taught to keep the class fresh but the main reason is to make sure your bodies aren’t getting used to the training session it receives week after week.  The idea is to change the intensity because if you do the same routine at the same intensity, your muscles and body gets used to it and this means you’re not requiring as many calories to do the same work.
For my 30 day challenge I have planned to introduce different types of exercise that my body either hasn’t done for a long time or never at all, alongside my usual exercise (photo below for a little clue…). This also includes my fitness programmes for my gym training. If you feel that you haven’t updated your programme in a long time and would like some help, come and find one of Palms Fitness Instructors and give yourself a challenge to receive the best results.

So, it’s been eight days and the challenge I have given myself is still going strong and so far I have added skipping, swimming, spinning and yoga into my training for the week. I would say the toughest exercise for me has been the skipping, I can teach a Zumba class over and over again but skipping took it out of me, I was only skipping for 30 minutes but exercise isn’t meant to be easy.
I have tried to stick to the four basic training points which are;
Aerobic Exercise
Aerobic exercise, which speeds up your heart rate and breathing, is important for many bodily functions. It gives your heart and lungs a workout and increases endurance. It makes the heart and lungs work the most effectively they can work so the blood and oxygen can get to your muscles and therefore the harder you can work in your training.
Strength Training
As we age, we lose muscle mass… Strength training builds it back. Strength training is also there to help and improve your ability to complete daily tasks for example carrying your heavy shopping bags to the car.
Stretching helps maintain flexibility but aging leads to a loss of flexibility in the muscles and tendons. Muscles shorten and don’t function properly and it also makes it tough to get through daily activities, such as bending down to pick something up therefore making sure we stretch before and after a workout is important.
Balance Exercises
Incorporating balance exercises into our fitness routine will help us to complete daily activities but it will especially be important when we get older, balance helps to prevent trips and falls.
I feel that these are all going to benefit my main type of fitness/sport which is Rock Climbing and Indoor Bouldering.  So that’s 9 days of my #palms30 #challenge completed successfully, bring on the next 21 days!


Good Luck Everyone!

P.S. A big WELL DONE to all of those members who have had a FANTASTIC start to their challenge so far. I have heard some amazing stories about results!! Keep up the good work!

See You Soon, Tessa x