Exercise of the Month: Functional Training

New Year, New Me, New Workout…

2019, is it your year? Start the year as you mean to go on and keep your workout routine fresh.

Did you know that your body gets used to the workouts that you do and therefore burns less calories and uses less energy to complete it over time? Remember that every six weeks you can request a new programme from your fitness instructors as part of your Palms membership. 

Did you also know that when you train, you should always include the three main functional planes of movement? Along with your functional training this can help your body to complete daily tasks a lot more easily.

Functional Movement Planes

Sagittal Plane – The Sagittal Plane passes through the body front to back, therefore moving side to side, for example a lateral squat.

Frontal Plane – The Frontal Plane divides the body into front and back, moving forward and back, for example a kettlebell swing.

Transverse Plane – The Transverse Plane divides the body into top and bottom, twisting the body around the centre point, for example a reverse lunge with twist.

Functional Training

Functional training is adaptations or developments of exercises which allows individuals to perform the activities of daily life more easily and reduces the risk of injuries, for example Barbell Dead Lift and Dumbbell Reverse Lunge with Rotation.

Why don’t you try our new partner rowing workout in the New Year as part of your new year, new me routine?

The Partner Rowing workout

The set up –

Step 1 – Foot Straps

Step 2 – Set Damper Setting (resistance)

Step 3 – Understand the monitor

In pairs you will complete the workout, which has a set time of 20 minutes with AMRAP.

  • 500 metres rowing
  • 5 press-ups
  • 10 squats
  • 15 sit-ups

Start with an easy 10 minute warm up of gentle rowing.

As one person completes their 500 metres the other person competes the other exercises and you keep changing and repeating until 20 minutes is up.

Make sure you complete a 5-minute cool-down and finish with gentle static stretches.

For any help with this workout, please see our videos on our social media channels or ask one of your Fitness Instructors.