Exercise of the Month: Kettlebell Classes!

Our exercise of the month is one we know you all love from seeing you all enjoying participating in our brand new Kettlebell classes!
Our Fitness Instructor Tessa, has come up with a workout for you to try in the Gym or even at home if you have your own Kettlebell.

Swing, lunge and squat your way to a more toned body whilst improving your strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. Get to grips with a Kettlebell and use it to improve your fitness and tone up. Complete around 10-12 reps of each of the exercise below for a minimum of 4 sets… If you have any questions, just see one of our Fitness Instructors.
Two-handed Swings

Single-handed Switch

Bicep Curls

Alternate Lunges

Goblet Squats

Around the World

Tricep Extension

We hope you enjoy trying these exercises in the gym and if you need any help, just let us know!