Exercise of the Month: The Rig

To us, The Rig is an important piece of gym equipment that you can use for lots of different styles of training, from functional fitness to HIIT training and resistance training. There’s something for everyone.’

The rig is a great place to start training for those muddy run challenges out there. There’s no better time to train with us on these stations than when ‘Only the Brave’ is only 1 month away. Tough Mudder, Pretty Muddy and other obstacle courses all need upper body strength and the rig is exactly what can get you to your goals.

When you think of the monkey bars, you probably think about a playground when you were young or lots of pull ups and lengths. That isn’t the case for all training that goes on around the rig. For example, you can work on grip strength by holding onto the bar. Once you have that nailed then work on different types of grip or even your body and weight placement. Next time you’re in the gym, go and hold onto the bars for as long as you can and repeat three times.

Dip Bars aren’t only for Tricep dips, but of course these are definitely needed for your training. You can adjust them to perform isometric holds, press ups and other body weight exercises.

A great way to warm up for the rig is to use the boxing bag. You don’t need to be a professional boxer to warm up with the gloves, follow basic combinations and you will soon get warm. If you still don’t feel comfortable, our Instructors are ‘Pad Work’ trained so you are in safe hands.

When it comes to body weight resistance training, TRX Bands are your best friends. For those of you that don’t know, the things hanging down with handles… they are the TRX Bands. They are great for training for a muddy run and provide a full body workout.

So to get you prepared – try our workout!

3-4 rounds with 40 seconds work, to 20 seconds rest or 30 seconds work, to 30 seconds rest.

· Pull ups or Hangs

· Kettlebell swings

· DB (switch arms) squat and single arm shoulder press

· Supine row on suspension straps

· Knee tucks on dip bars

· Step ups on platform

· Medicine Ball slam and burpee

· Sandbag Lateral lunges

Keep your eyes peeled on our Social Media channels over the next month – with Only the Brave just around the corner we have so many fundraising events and training sessions for everyone to get involved in!