First time heading to the gym? Here's some dos and don'ts!

Walking into the gym for the first time can be daunting and scary but it’s not as bad as you think… everyone is in the same boat and those who are more experienced in the gym are willing to help you.

Below are a few dos and don’ts when it comes to the gym, and they should help you during your first few sessions.


  • Talk to staff, they are your gateway to making conversations with other members.
  • Take advantage of free inductions and personal programmes, even if you’re experienced. You might even learn a new thing or two!
  • Be consistent. Working out at the same times on the same days means you will meet people with similar schedules, and they are all potential training partners.
  • Complimenting someone is always a good conversation starter. If you really like someone’s shoes, why not tell them?
  • Smile at those around you, a happy face is always a friendly face.
  • Engage others with friendly competitions, or even take on the fitness instructor! Friendly competition never hurt anyone and could definitely help you with your goals.
  • Have a clear workout plan, and make sure it includes a warm-up at the start, and a cool-down at the end.


  • Wear headphones. If you’re looking to make friendships, headphones say “I’m busy” or “Leave me alone”.
  • No-one wants a long conversation when they are at the peak of their workout, so choose your times. If someone is out of breath, sweaty, or with a very red face – it’s not the time to talk!
  • Feel intimidated by exercise classes. You will always find the regulars at the front of classes, but they are also on the lookout for ‘new recruits’, so don’t be afraid to join them.
  • Avoid busy times, especially if you’re looking for a gym buddy.
  • Worry about asking for HELP! There are NO silly questions!

Of all the dos and don’ts that are important when heading into the gym, there are a couple of very, very important ones to never forget…
The biggest thing you need to DO is KEEP GOING, and DON’T ever GIVE UP – then you’ll SMASH IT!