Workout in style in our brand new gym

We are delighted to re-launch our Gym with over 50 BRAND NEW machines and aesthetically a fresh new look designed by Jane Potter.

After teaming up with market-leading, Pulse Fitness Group, we have installed BRAND NEW state-of-the-art equipment that will help to take your fitness to a whole new level...

Cardio Studio

Our cardio studio consists of a variety of different machines from Pulse Fitness. With treadmills, an alpha runner, cross trainers, a cross climber, bikes (including r-cycles, u-cycles, an air bike and a Wattbike Pro), stair masters, rowers and a fluid upper body ergometer, there is something for everyone who loves cardio. Plus with 18.5” touch screen consoles on our cardio equipment, whether you want to keep an eye on your workout stats, or distract yourself watching TV, the choice is yours!

Resistance Area

Our expertly designed collection of resistance machines can be used easily and comfortably by all ability levels. With a variety of different machines from a leg press to chest press and leg extension to lateral pulldown, we have all the best resistance machines here in Palms and something for everyone. Plus we have included the 10.1” Strength Console to provide everyone with digital guidance, tracking and training on the equipment.

Free Weights

For the first-timer or professional weight trainer we have dumbbells ranging from 1kg all the way to 50kg. With a full rack, smith machine, lifting platform, benches, multi-pulleys, barbells and kettlebells, you will have so many options of exercise to do in this room. Don't worry, we also have lots of attachments for our multi pulleys to keep your training fresh. We also have a stretching area and a bespoke functional rig with two boxing bags, a pull up bar, a dip bar and a training rope. Additional equipment includes, boxing gloves, skipping ropes, ab wheels, foam rollers, medicine balls, Swiss balls, base bags and much more.

"Health isn’t about the weight you lose, it’s about the life you gain!"

From the minute you join, you’ll be offered your own Personalised Exercise Programme, tailored to what you want to achieve; and how you want to get there. Our Fitness Instructors will work with you to review and progress your fitness routine to make sure that your time here is as effective as possible.

Fitness Induction

Our Fitness Inductions are included in our memberships. Our highly qualified Fitness Instructors will show you how to use the equipment and the correct technique. Even if you haven’t booked an induction, our Fitness Instructors are always around to show you the ropes in the Gym!

Fitness Programme

Our Personal Exercise Programmes are also included in our memberships. Our Fitness Instructors will speak to you about the goals you wish to achieve and then set a programme individually made to suit you! Our Fitness Instructors will check up on you to keep you motivated and every 4-6 weeks change up your programme to keep it fresh...