Health Packages at Palms

At Palms we provide professional fitness and health checks which are designed to give you a range of important information, all carried out by fully trained instructors.

Fitness testing is an important tool to keep you informed on your progress with your fitness goals. Ideally before starting or changing a gym programme, a fitness test should be performed. This will give you a base measurement so you can gauge your progress and will enable you and your instructor to make appropriate changes to get the best out of your time in the gym and pool.

Fitness Assessment – ONLY £5

Blood Pressure – This is checking the systolic and diastolic pressure of your heart with your pulse rate – this is the total number of beats per minute. The top number on the result indicates your systolic blood pressure; this is the highest pressure your heart beats to push the blood around your body. The bottom number is your diastolic blood pressure; this is the lowest pressure that your heart relaxes at between beats.

VO2 and Aerobic Capacity – This will show your fitness levels against your lung capacity compared to your heart rate. This involves riding an exercise bike for 10 minutes to measure how strong your heart is compared to your lungs.

Body Statistic Test – This test measures the body’s composition; this is measured by passing a safe battery generated signal through your body and measuring the biometrical impedance at a fixed frequency of 50 kHz. Once the biometrical impedance has been completed, the results of your full body composition will be explained, showing you:

  • Body fat percentage and fat weight
  • Lean mass percentage and lean mass
  • Total weight
  • Body water percentage and total body water
  • Basal metabolic rate (BMR)
  • BMR / body weight
  • Average daily calorie requirement
  • Body mass index – plus normal range
  • Waist / hip ratio – visceral fat

Statistic Measurements – Measurements are taken from your waist, hips, upper arm, chest and thigh using a tape measure.

Fitness Assessment Plan – £10 (includes 2 follow up retests) or £30 (unlimited for the year)

Our plans include all of the initial Fitness Assessment measurements above (stamina tests can also be added) plus 2 follow up retests or unlimited retests! Our Fitness Assessment plans are ideal for those looking to specifically monitor their progress.

For more information about Health Packages or to book, please enquire with one of our fully qualified Fitness Instructors or at Palms Reception. Call us on 01502 734 869 or message us here!