It's Mental Health Week!

With Mental Health week being held between May 8th-14th across the UK, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to talk to you the benefits of exercise on our mental well-being. I mean Marcus Tullius Cilero says ‘It’s exercise alone that supports the spirits, and keeps the mind in vigour.’

Stats have shown that mental health issues are the main cause of overall disease worldwide, so here are a few stats for you to look at:

  • Mental health and behavioural issues have been reported as the primary cause of disability worldwide. Allowing 40 million years of disability amongst 20-29 year olds.
  • Severe depression is recorded to be the secondary leading cause of disability worldwide. Depression is also a lead contributor to suicide and ischemic heart disease worldwide.
  • Stats recorded that 1 in every 6 people in the last week will experience a mental health issues

Who knew it was something that affected so many of us?
So… My message to you is get involved with some sort of physical activity. It can be as little as a stroll in the park to taking part in an exercise class! Why? Well here are some reasons to why you should take part in regular physical activity and the effects it has on your well-being:

  • Studies have shown that physical activity can have a positive impact on overall mood. Researchers found that individuals felt more content after participating in physical activity compared to what they did participating in inactivity. Physical activity as little as 30-35 minutes a day 5 times a week has shown an increase in positive moods.
  • As mentioned in a previous blog, physical activity will also have a positive impact on our stress levels. Physical activity will promote the release of endorphins within our body which will improve our mental well-being. Researchers have shown that highly active individuals will have a lower stress rate to those who don’t participate in regular physical activity.
  • Physical activity can also have a positive effect on boosting self-esteem, which is how we feel about ourselves. Studies have shown that physical activity will boost self-esteem for children, adults, young adults, adolescents and older people.
  • Physical activity is a recommended treatment for depression in a similar way to which it relieves stress, but also it reduces the amount of chemicals released in our immune system that can worsen depression. Don’t shy away from physical activity utilise it and make the most of the positive effects it can have on your well-being.

How many of you know how much physical activity you should be participating in?
Well here is the answer… Adults should be participating in 2 ½ hours a week, the equivalent to 30 minutes daily five times a week.
We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about Mental Health and look forward to seeing you soon!