Keep the kids active all year round!

The summer holidays are over now and that means that there is less time in the day to keep your children active, other than their usual PE and playground time at school. We’ve come up with some ideas to help your family make exercising part of a fun, motivating and healthy routine.

  • Walk the dog. Use the dog as a motivator. Don’t just open the back door and let him out. Find a walkway near your house and take him out for a scenic family stroll. He needs the exercise too…
  • Time it right. Schedule workouts for a time that is likely to work for everyone. After school is the perfect time for kids, who have been sitting down all day, to burn off some energy.
  • Play time! Adults often forget that play is exercise. Don’t limit your idea of exercise as just going to the gym. Helping out with the gardening, going for a family walk, going bowling or swimming are all types of exercise and it can be fun.
  • Invite friends. If their friends are invited too, kids are more likely to want to participate in what you are doing. The same goes for adults, invite your friend along for your Gym session or an after work swim.
  • Track everyone’s progress. Keep track of every activity on the calendar. It is motivating to see how often everyone is exercising. If they like a bit of competition, keeping a tally of the winners etc. of things like bowling or the most amount of lengths swum in the pool is a great idea that works well to keep everyone motivated and helps the fitness-orientated behaviours stick.
  • Nature. Make getting outside a habit. An easy way to do this is to swap an indoor workout with an outdoor one. Fresh air and sunshine are mood boosters and when the beach is just a stone’s throw away there are no excuses.
  • Start small. Most of the time we lose motivation if we try to do too much too soon. The most important thing for keeping motivated is accomplishing and completing tasks consistently not the size of the task itself.
  • Finally… Be a role model. Your children watch and mimic your habits, good and bad. Start your new lifestyle today and watch your children copy your healthy ways!

Don’t forget that we want to be a part of your healthy lifestyle, so tag us in your activities no matter what they are – we want to see as many of our members and guests being as active as possible!

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