Meet the Team – Steve Lacey!

Fitness Instructor, Steve Lacey, has been with Palms for 10 months as part of the Gym team, instructing our members in the gym and teaching a range of Classes. We caught up with Steve to find out more about his role here in the Club…

So Steve, tell us a little bit of background about yourself?

Well, I’ve been in the Fitness Industry for 9 years now, working in a complete range of gyms. I’ve worked for powerlifting and strength and conditioning gyms, medical rehabilitation centres and everything in between! I’ve been with Palms for almost a year now, and really enjoy the range and diversity of members I get to train here.
It must have given you great experience working in so many different areas of the fitness industry. Is there anything in particular that you specialise in?
I specialise in medical rehabilitation and injury prevention. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great fun pushing people who are at the peak of physical fitness, but for me there is something really rewarding about training people who are recovering from injuries and seeing the progress they are making, and the positive impact it has on their daily life.
I’ve invested a lot of time and energy in earning my Level 4 exercise referral qualification and it’s been totally worth it. I’ve also just completed my level 4 sport massage qualification, which is another way I can aid client recovery.
That’s fantastic! Is there any reason you became particularly interested in rehabilitation?
Oh yes, definitely. I come from a big, sport obsessed family, so playing sports is in my blood. With that comes injury experience. I played Rugby for Lowestoft until I was badly injured, forcing me to retire at just 18. I fractured my neck, broke my collar bone, shoulder and a few ribs. Once I was fit enough I then turned to powerlifting, working up to the British Powerlifting level, until again, I got injured and had to give it up. I think that because I’ve been injured myself I’m able to really understand and sympathise with my clients. That’s what started my interest in rehabilitation.
What a shame to have to give that up when you’re such a sporty person. Now that you can’t play sport so much have you taken up some other hobbies?
I’m a real Bear Grylls! I grew up on a country estate, so have always been into outdoor pursuits. I fish a lot, and enjoy hiking and camping. I’m a total country boy so love getting away from it all, being on the Broads, in the middle of nowhere.
My wife Emily and I have a new born son, Lincoln, who’s only 5 months old, so as you can imagine, most of my time is spent trying to catch up on sleep!
It sounds like you keep yourself busy! So, what would a typical day in Palms look like for you?
Being a Fitness Instructor isn’t quite what people usually think. I don’t get to train people all day every day, there is a certain amount of cleaning and equipment maintenance involved too. It’s a perfect job for me, because I prefer to be busy than sat around. I spend a lot of time in the gym supporting members with their technique and giving them advice, and the rest of my day is made up of delivering fitness programmes. It’s great here at Palms, because we offer free programmes to our members and they can have them refreshed when they want to.
For anybody thinking of having a fitness programme, who are they suitable for?
Absolutely anybody! Honestly, I’ve had such a range of clients over the years, and regardless of age, ability or restrictions, a decent fitness programme to follow can make such a difference to how successfully you achieve your goal.
Can you tell us about some of your previous clients and their goals?
Yeah of course. Betsy is a great example. She was a visually impaired lady that I worked with over a two year period. She started at 18 stone, and through my nutritional advice and some well-planned fitness programmes she lost 8 stone, dramatically improving her quality of life.
One of my favourite clients has been a gentleman named Glen. We actually worked together for two years, and built a great relationship during that time. It was a terrible story of what happened to him. He was a perfectly healthy 45 year old man. One day he tripped off of a kerb and broke some vertebrae in his back, leaving him almost completely paralysed – He was told he’d never walk again. We did a lot of training, and his dedication was enormous. Over time he went from his wheelchair onto a frame, and then eventually onto crutches. He’s now walking with just one stick and back to doing all the things he loves.
Before you go, do you have any insider fitness tips for our readers?
Don’t be afraid of weights. I can assure you, regardless of your goal, weight training will help you to achieve it. And girls, don’t worry, I promise you that it will not turn you immediately into a gladiator! If you’d like to know more about how to add weights into your programme just come and see one of the Fitness team and we’ll be happy to get you started.
To book a fitness programme with Steve, or one of the Fitness team, please call Palms on 01502 734869 or email