New Year's Resolutions!

How many New Year resolutions have you ever actually held for the entire year? How many do you still stick to now? And starting in January of all months?! It’s the coldest, gloomiest month of all and we are all trying to get back to normality after indulging over the festive period. Surely this is a month where we should be kinder to ourselves and our bodies so that we can slowly get back into a routine.

By forcing ourselves into quick fixes and setting unrealistic and unachievable goals, we are setting ourselves up to fail. ‘I will have a very healthy lifestyle and work out every day, become ridiculously wealthy, just like a celebrity’, is what we hear, followed by, ‘If only I could keep it up, it is only for 365 days after all’. The majority of resolutions are broken within the first three months and a large proportion are even broken within January.

The Palms Team want to help all of our wonderful Members be successful when it comes to their New Year resolutions in 2019. We have come up with some top tips to help you set and stick to achievable goals:

Start with one achievable goal at a time. If you have only ever done a small amount of exercise, it is highly unlikely that you are going to start exercising every day for an hour or two and if you do, then it is even more unlikely that you will stick to it for long. If you set a goal such as only eating healthy foods, yet you know that you have a birthday meal coming up at the end of January where desserts and alcohol may be involved, you have already set yourself up for ‘failure’.

Start small by exercising once or twice a week and then increase this as time goes on – making sure you can achieve a smaller goal is so much more motivating than constantly being disheartened when you don’t achieve larger ones and this goes for any resolution that you make. Having a balanced diet where you are able to enjoy a meal out with friends but maybe stick to 2 courses instead of 3 or cut down on alcohol consumption is better than giving up completely after a couple of weeks when you are faced with temptations. Allow for these things in your New Year resolutions and change one thing at a time and they will be much easier to stick to. Once you have reached your goal, set a new, tougher one!

Getting constant feedback and being able to see your journey and progress is one of the most motivating things and a great way to keep on track. Share it with others too! If we all share our struggles and successes with each other it makes things much less intimidating, as you know that someone is going through a similar journey to you. Don’t forget that at Palms we are here for you and we want to see you SMASH your goals. Please do let us know what you are wanting to achieve so we can help.

Turn your negative thoughts into positives, especially when it comes to setbacks. If you find that you are not meeting a goal because you hate walking up those stairs to the treadmill or you dislike strength training then simply don’t do it! Find something that you love and it will make exercise much more fun and less like a chore.

There are so many things to get involved with at Palms:

  • Swimming, whether that is doing lengths of the pool or taking part in one of our Aqua classes
  • Table Tennis with your friends is a good way of keeping active
  • Cardio training – if you hate running on a treadmill, you might love the cross trainer instead
  • Bowls – many don’t realise but we offer Bowls memberships at Palms too
  • GroupXercise Classes – from toning, sculpting and conditioning classes to cardiovascular and dance classes or even low-impact classes, there is something for everyone to enjoy.
  • Badminton is a great sport that many people enjoy with friends
  • Strength training – if you don’t like doing weights in the gym why not try a Kettlebell Class?
  • Pop-Up Classes are great fun and if you don’t like bigger groups, it’s no problem! Many of our Pop-Up Classes are for much smaller groups of people and in different time slots to ensure there’s something to suit you
  • Squash can improve your cardiovascular health and you can play with your friends too
  • Personal Training is also great for keeping motivated, as you have a trainer with you who won’t let you get away with ‘I’m finished now’ after just 10 minutes and who can introduce you to new exercises

These are just a few of the different things that you can take part in to keep active!

If you have any suggestions for things you would like to see happen at Palms to help you with your journey, just let us know. We love to hear feedback from our Members. We have so many different options to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle in 2019, from fitness to diet and nutrition – just see one of the Palms Team or email us.

Happy New Year!