Palms Member of the Month – September

As you know we’ve been watching and hearing all about your hard work again last month and as a result members of the month for September are Peter and Jackie Baylis! YES YOU HAVE READ IT RIGHT… We have TWO! We have noticed a hard working couple in the gym and we wanted to reward them with the member of the month award.

Well Done Peter and Jackie!

Let’s find out more about them– Our Members of the Month…

When they first entered the gym they had a simple programme set and from that programme they have come on leaps and bounds. They booked themselves back in with Tessa to develop their programme to become more challenging and Tessa was impressed with their development in and outside the gym. Not only have they smashed all their goals in the gym, but have also started dropping the pounds and found that their clothes were no longer as tight as they used to be. As well as using the gym two to three times a week they enjoy playing a good game of Bowls, which is something we also offer here at Palms.

They love to relax in the Jacuzzi after a session in the gym and they have both have individual needs. One goal was to reach the 2000 metres mark on the rower in ten minutes or under and they have both achieved this in their time here at Palms, which is FANTASTIC! They have both ventured into the interval setting on the machines and now find themselves lifting weights in the downstairs gym.

In total together they have lost a whopping three and a half stone and that’s a massive achievement. They are very happy with their healthier lifestyles and it has now become part of their routine and not a chore. They now like to take their push bikes out regularly and have found riding has become a lot easier as well – they can also travel a longer distance.

For all your hard work we would like to reward you both with one of our Palms Member of the Month goodie bags.


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