Palms Member of the Month

Choosing a Member of the Month has proven to be difficult for June with everyone working extremely hard in all areas of the club. We are proud of all of you but we have picked one member as our Member of the Month! Drum roll please…

Our Member of the month for June is Zelda Crews!

Zelda has been motivated and driven in her classes and has kept up with the hard work in the kitchen with her healthy eating. This has had a positive impact as she has lost a FANTASTIC 18lbs since the beginning of April 2018. We had a little chat with Zelda to try and find out the tips and tricks to her new lifestyle. Here are a few things about Zelda and her secrets to a healthier lifestyle and reaching her weight loss goal…
Firstly, Zelda was very thankful for the award; she said she feels privileged to be able to come along to all of our different classes so it would never become something she didn’t enjoy. She has worked extremely hard since the beginning of April and lost an amazing 18lbs (1.28 Stone), with just 7lbs to go to reach her goal! This has been down to a mixture of healthy eating, attending weight watchers, and taking part in weekly exercise classes at the club.
Zelda enjoys her Booty Barre, Fusion, Sculpt and Aqua Intense classes… But on top of these, she also likes taking part in her HIIT ‘Pop Up Classes’ especially when they are outside with the sea breeze. Zelda has tried to get others to come along to this service that Palms provides, as she loves how they are only small groups of people taking part, due to being a benefit to members only and are tailored to your needs and abilities. So a message from Zelda Crews – “check the notice boards and Social Media pages for updates on ‘pop up classes” – she hopes to see you all there soon!
Not only has Zelda seen positive improvements on her weight loss but she has also seen improvements in her cardiovascular endurance, and can now start to take the harder options in classes and push herself further because of the improvements she has made.
Zelda suffers with osteoarthritis in her hip and due to exercising, she has now noticed this pain has started to reduce and feels herself becoming stronger each day. She has also noticed the difference in herself during daily activities and her weaker points are now starting to develop and she can’t wait to be able to achieve more in the future.
A big well done to you again Zelda, we have a little goodie bag for you to collect as a well done gift from all of us here at Palms.
We are so proud of all our members here at Palms Health and Fitness, keep up the good work!!
Here’s how YOU could become a Palms Member of the Month!
We choose the Member of the Month by looking at how our members have progressed over a 4 week period in classes and in the club.
The main areas that we recognise when awarding Member of the Month are motivation, hard work, effort and dedication as well as
goal setting. We love to see our members setting goals and smashing them! Keep up your hard work and YOU could become Palms
Member of the Month next…
Remember, it’s You Vs You!
Push Your Limits!