Sunshine is the best medicine!

The winter season pushes us to our limits, coping with darkness, cold weather, bitter winds and seasonal illnesses can be a real struggle for our weakened immune systems. Why suffer more than you have to? I have a quick fix for you to boost your immune system this February…  Are you getting a healthy dose of Vitamin D?
It’s so important to make sure your vitamin D levels are at a complete maximum during the winter. Our main source of vitamin D is from the sun and is crucial for maintaining our health and immune system. Vitamin Deficiencies could lead to a variety of health problems, including osteoporosis, depression, obesity, diabetes and hypertension.
Let’s be honest, we all like to hibernate in our warm homes at this time of year, leaving for work in darkness and arriving home in darkness doesn’t exactly give us enough time to embrace the little daylight we are blessed with this time of year. So how do you maximise the limited winter rays? Well, here are a few pointers for you to consider:
• Make an effort to spend as much time outside as you can during the months of November through to March. We may not be luckily enough to have warm temperatures, but the sun does give us enough sunlight to boost Vitamin D stores significantly. I’d say that was a perfect excuse to escape the office on your lunch break, or enjoy a long walk on your day off.

You can find Vitamin D in foods too! Oily fish, red meats, egg yolks and some fat spreads are a great source to make sure you are getting plenty of Vit D.

• An easy way to top up your Vitamin D stores is through tanning beds over the winter. The UVB lights can provide your body with the Vitamin D we need to live healthily. Of course, there are risks associated with tanning, so I would advise using them sensibly… you don’t want to end up looking like a lobster!

If you are thinking of using a tanning bed this winter there are a few tips on how to use it safely that I would recommend:
• Certain medications and medical conditions can be affected by exposure to UVB lights so consult your GP first if you think you may be affected
• Be sure to use goggles to keep your eyes protected from any damage
• Fill in a health disclaimer prior to using the sunbed and read the safety signage in the room, which will recommend how long you should tan for
• Using moisturisers and accelerators can be very beneficial for enhancing the reaction of the UVB lights and maintaining healthy, moisturised skin
Until next time,
Abbie x