Health Packages at Palms

At Palms we provide professional fitness and health checks which are designed to give you a range of important information, all carried out by fully trained instructors.

Fitness testing is an important tool to keep you informed on your progress with your fitness goals. Ideally before starting or changing a gym programme, a fitness test should be performed. This will give you a base measurement so you can gauge your progress and will enable you and your instructor to make appropriate changes to get the best out of your time in the gym and pool.

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Box Jump

Exercise of the Month: Box Jump!

A box jump is quite simply, jumping onto a box. It’s a fantastic exercise for strengthening and toning your lower body, as well as developing your power output. It demands co-ordination, balance and accuracy. You can really test yourself with this exercise, and you’ll feel a great sense of achievement as you see yourself being able to jump higher and higher.

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We’re feeling the love this February!

Nobody likes those smug insta-couples. You know the ones I mean… Hashtagging their super complicated gym routines that they’ve filmed in their glamorous houses, wearing their super-hip matching Lycra. They’re everywhere right now! But… maybe they’re on to something? (Not the matching Lycra, nobody needs that). But could working out with your partner improve not only your workout routine, but your relationship too?

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