Top tips for staying motivated during winter

It’s funny isn’t it? During the summer, everyone has the drive and dedication to stay focussed on their fitness regime, however in winter the excuses creep in… Too often you’ll hear things like “it’s too hard to get out of bed on those cold, dark mornings”, so we’ve created 10 top tips to help you stay motivated through the next three or four icy cold winter months!

  1. People are used to waking up with the sun, so sleeping with your curtains open will help you to wake up naturally in the morning and not feel as tired as you would if you were waking up in darkness. You’ll feel more awake and won’t be as tempted to skip the Gym and grab an extra hour in bed.
  2. Customise your alarm. Instead of waking up to that horrible noise that annoys anyone who hears it! Find a song that really motivates you and leaves you feeling positive in the morning.
  3. Create a comfortable environment so you’re not afraid of getting out of bed in the mornings… We all know the feeling when the bed is so cosy and warm but outside of the duvet it’s freezing. Change it! Set your heating to come on before your alarm goes off so you can get up and head to the Gym before work.
  4. Set yourself mini goals! When you have something to aim for, and a deadline to achieve it, you’ll feel much more motivated rather than aimlessly going to the Gym each morning.
  5. Get yourself up early! There aren’t many daylight hours during the winter months as it is, so don’t waste them sleeping as you’ll feel even more tired and sleepy if you oversleep and miss out on the daylight.
  6. Check in on Social Media! Telling the Facebook, Twitter or Instagram worlds of your intention to work out means you’re more likely to do it.
  7. Shower or get dressed straight away. If you’re heading to the Gym, then have a quick shower or get dressed straight away! Don’t potter around in your PJs with your coffee debating whether to leave the house or not. Morning urgency is the best way forwards!
  8. Find a friend. As you know, we love group exercise and working out with friends at Palms, so why not find a friend who you know will commit to every session? It’s always easier to stay motivated when you know there’s someone expecting you.
  9. If you want to go to the Gym after work, pack your bag and take it with you, so you can go straight from work. If you head home, the chances are you won’t want to leave the house again!
  10. Switch up your routine, or do something different. If you always go to the Gym, try doing a class, or having a swim instead. I always look forward to our Zumba Strong class with Tessa on Wednesdays, especially if there’s a new routine that I don’t want to miss!