We're feeling the love this February!

Nobody likes those smug insta-couples. You know the ones I mean… Hashtagging their super complicated gym routines that they’ve filmed in their glamorous houses, wearing their super-hip matching Lycra. They’re everywhere right now! But… maybe they’re on to something? (Not the matching Lycra, nobody needs that). But could working out with your partner improve not only your workout routine, but your relationship too?

From saving time to spicing up your regular routine, the benefits of working out with your loved one could have numerous benefits for you!
Not convinced? Read on…
1. Two birds, one stone
One of the most common reasons people skip the gym is due to lack of time. Trying to balance work with all the social, family and relationship obligations of modern day life can be exhausting, and sometimes something has to give! Let’s be honest… it’s rare we are going to turn down a night on the town in favor of the gym.
When you’re struggling to keep your diary in check, making time for your significant other whilst working out can be a huge time saver! Catch up about your day whilst you enjoy a run, or plan your holiday whilst you’re blasting through your circuit routine. You’ll feel less guilty about going to the gym if you both give it dual purpose, plus it’s a fantastic way for the two of you to bond.
2. You’re more likely to achieve your goals
A recent longitudinal study found that people were more likely to change unhealthy behaviours if their partner joined them in their resolution. While nobody likes peer pressure, pairing up can provide a healthy dose of accountability and lots of support. It’s a lot tougher to bail on sessions if you’ve scheduled to meet them there!
3. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition
What is more likely to motivate you to succeed than seeing your partner do a fantastic job! A little bit of competition is totally healthy, and a great way to spur each other on.
4. They’ll be your #1 cheerleader
Of course the priority is overall health and wellbeing, but nobody has ever complained about starting to look a little bit physically fitter too! Whilst nobody in the gym wants to see you flexing in the mirrors, your partner will be able to spot the changes and give you the praise you deserve! Feel free to brag to them all you want, just be prepared to return the favour and cheer them on too!
5. It’ll shake up your date nights
Whether you’re into bar crawls, dinner and a movie, or take away and a box set, date nights are traditionally heavy on the calories. While it’s tempting to treat yourselves, and it’s healthy to indulge now and then – why not try an active alternative to shake things up? Try a new exercise class, a cool partner workout, play a round of badminton or unwind with a late night swim and Jacuzzi. You’ll both leave feeling energized, and build great memories of quality time together. Netflix will still be there when you get home…
6. You’ll be braver
It can sometimes feel a little bit intimidating trying out new things in the gym. Whilst the team here at Palms are always here to help you, sometimes having your partner there can give you the confidence to experiment with your workout. If you fall off the monkey bars it’s nice knowing you’ll have someone there to catch you!
Have you changed your mind about working out with your loved one?
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Until next time,
Hannah x